Arts and Sciences in Dialogue - International Conference on Arts and Sciences

Arts and Sciences in Dialogue

Following the path established by the previous edition of this event (organised by the university of Algarve), the main goal is to promote a fruitful discussion concerning science (exact, natural, human and medical) and art (literature, music and visual arts) and also elaborate upon common and distinguishing features. Such approaches may be held either in a historical perspective (history of science and history of art) or rather centered in the latest developments concerning both areas of expertise.

What place for intuition, the unconscious, creativity, persuasion, argumentation, rhetoric or even emotion and beauty in science and technology? What place for rigor, objectivity, method, experience and empiricism in art? What role for the humanities as a mediator between art and science? What similarities and differences between scientific discovery and training and artistic aesthetics and creation? What place for temporality in science and art? Which thought do communities share when thinking and speaking art and science? How does the process of scientific and artistic popularization and diffusion allow the understanding of shared and distinct features? Is bridging art and science mandatory for education? Here are some questions in search of possible answers hopefully creating a research dynamics and in-depth knowledge of art and science – a dynamics of attractiveness for future audiences and agents in scientific and artistic fields. Speakers are certain to arise new and relevant insights.

Architecture, scientific illustration, photography, fantasy art, science fiction and new technologies serving art and science are some of the compelling examples which are certain to be tackled in the coming International Conference.

2015 Edition